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Bella Terra Stables 

Murrysville, PA

Our Mission:

To provide Equine-Assisted programs designed to strengthen and nurture children, families, and communities.

Our Vision:

Find peace & balance through horses and nature.

Our Services

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
(Ages 7-18)

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Family Psychotherapy

Equine-Assisted Learning
(Ages 7 and Up)

  • THRIVE Program

  • Stories in the Stable

  • Focused Workshops

  • Corporate Training

Wellness Programs
(All Ages)

  • Meditation with Horses

  • Qigong Infused Yoga

  • Nature Programs

Imagine the difference a few hours of being unplugged could make in your child's life...

How is your child coping?

Are they spending too much time in front of screens?
Are their anxiety
levels skyrocketing?
Are they acting out in response to their frustration?
In these times of high-speed connection we often feel disconnected from our children. At Bella Terra Stables, we help your child unplug, step into nature, and connect with horses to bring peace, healing, and balance back into their lives.
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How can

Bella Terra Stables

help relieve children's stress?

We find ourselves in a new world.  School is no longer the same, and even the way we interact with friends and family is now different. 


In 2020 and 2021 our children found themselves in front of a screen, within the confines of four walls, an average of 8 hours a day. 


Our office is not confined by walls.

Our horses don't judge.

Our farm offers kids a safe space.

Bella Terra Stables' Impact
July 2020 - August 2023


Children Served

Ages 7-18


Through Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning

Horses Helped

All Breeds


Through our Rescue &

Retirement Program

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All Ages, Races, Genders, Orientations, ...


Through Wellness Programs, & Seasonal Events

All Are Welcome Here
Bella Terra Stables is committed to providing an
all-inclusive safe space for all to experience the healing power of horses.

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Thank you so much. It has been wonderful to watch [my daughter] grow. I am so glad that we found Bella Terra and you two. You have been such an important part of her journey. 

- C.B.



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