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The Power

of the Horse

"Horses listen to what is not spoken, to what lies in the heart, and reflect it back to us. They let us hear the longing of our soul."

- Terri Scallon

Horses can help your children learn, grow, and THRIVE!

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How can THRIVE help my Kids?

THRIVE uses the power of the horse to aid groups of children in learning important life and relationship skills designed to help them grow and succeed with confidence.

Through the group's interaction with our horses, kids discover inner strengths, overcome perceived obstacles, and spark fresh insights leading to greater self-awareness and improved relationships.

Because all activities are on the ground with our horses (there is no riding in this program), children gain a unique perspective of them, allowing them to develop a more meaningful connection and deeper trust with them.

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(Between 4 and 7 Children)

A 6-Week program meeting for 2 hours each week focused on developing long-lasting, healthy life skills such as facing fear, building confidence, setting boundaries, exploring trust, and many more...

COST: $360 per Child

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THRIVE Field Trip

(Between 5 and 20 Children)

Two hours of experiential learning with horses, catered to your group's requested area of focus. Themes can include trust, relationship and self-confidence building, and many more...

Contact us to have a Field Trip catered to your group.

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Upcoming Courses

This THRIVE Course is focused on developing long-lasting, healthy life skills aimed at boosting self-confidence and courage. Topics working on during sessions will include facing fears, setting boundaries, exploring trust, and relationship building.


Ages 7-9

June 8th - July 13th

1:00pm - 3:00pm


Ages 10-14

June 8th - July 13th

10:00am - 12:00pm


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