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Stories in

the Stable

What better way to encourage your child to enjoy reading than by having them read to a horse?

Why read to horses? Horses provide kids with a nonjudgmental environment so they can just sit back and enjoy reading out loud to them. Children then associate a positive experience they have reading to our horses, which reinforces that reading can be a fun and interactive experience. Talking to our horses about what they are reading also enhances their social skills.

Bring your own book, or borrow one of ours.

Please register each child participating as space is limited.

Reading Roundup!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a reading expert to our Stories in the Stable program who will facilitate interactive activities that connect literacy with the magical world of horses! She will be working closely with the horses, using innovative techniques to create a unique and captivating learning environment that will capture children's attention and spark their imagination.

Reading Roundup will run in conjunction with Stories in the Stable and will serve as an add-on and enhancement to the program.


We aim to provide this program free of cost for all of our readers.
We rely on our amazing volunteers and generous donations from our community to keep this program going.

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Giving a child the chance to step outside of the classroom setting and into a barn filled with horses creates a new and exciting learning space, stimulating the imagination.



Recognizing that the horses enjoying being read to creates an enthusiasm in the child and encourages them to want to read more, building a strong foundation for more motivation.

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Many children avoid reading because they're afraid of making mistakes. Horses  provide the child with a judgement free and safe space to read with confidence.

Please register each child participating
as space is limited.

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