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Donors and Partners

Bella Terra Stables relies on the generosity of donors and partners and without their incredible support, this farm could not be the safe haven that it is for so many… horse and human alike. We are so grateful for the wonderful individuals, businesses, and foundations that have supported us in various ways. Thank you!

Faded Sandpaper

Our Herd's Circle of Honor

The Neal Family

Roger Hipp

Marcel & Ashley Eisele

Pamela White

Anne & Chuck Milar

Laureen Andrews

Community Partners

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Friends of
Bella Terra Stables

Lois Dunlop
Katie Poeschel
Elizabeth McGee
Jackie Pipins
Shannon Hill
Kay Hebrank
Madi Hunter
Monika Kumor
Debbie Eisele
Katharine McHugh
Janice Cigich
Alisa Ferguson
Meredith Larson
Cynthia Seale
Reagan Hill
Beverly Jacobs
Melissa DeStefano
Lindsey Scherer
Cindy Wernert
Donna Imhoff
Janet Bednarz
Holly Horner
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