We can help your child unplug and find themselves through horses and nature.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

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Equine-Assisted Learning

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Wellness Programs

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Imagine the difference a few hours of being unplugged could make in your child's life...

Equine Assisted           Psychotherapy

Rather than the four walls of a therapist's office, Bella Terra Stables offers kids in crisis a unique therapeutic experience in nature with horses. Believing the best solution comes from within, equine-assisted psychotherapy uses a distinctive, experiential framework designed to allow kids the latitude to discover, learn, and grow through the relationship

they develop with our horses.

Our treatment team includes horses, a licensed Mental Health Professional, and a certified Equine Specialist. The team works together to create an emotionally safe space in which kids can explore lasting solutions to a range of personal challenges and crises.




Science says people learn best by doing.  And using horses for kids in group training and group recreational learning is revolutionary. Our unique team approach of equal partners, involves movement, physical activity, and relationship-building with the horses. This makes learning, exploration, and training more engaging and fun for kids of all ages. Through their interaction with the horses, kids discover inner strengths, overcome perceived obstacles to change, and spark fresh insights leading to greater self-awareness and improved relationships. Equine-assisted learning caters to schools, scout troops, veteran's children, municipal services, church youth groups, and more...

Equine-Assisted Learning fuels our THRIVE program, wellness-based workshops, and is at the core of our half-day summer camp (Camp Bella Terra).


Wellness Programs

Among the quietness of our rolling fields, beautiful trees, and gentle horses, guests will feel inspired to open up, engage, move, and respond. In this safe space, all become open to discovering resources and strengths that were not previously known. Our wellness programs focus on wellness for humans (yoga and meditation), wellness for horses (horse retirement and repurposing), and wellness for nature (exploration of restoring and revitalizing the farm). 

All of our wellness programs serve as fundraisers to help support the care of our horses.